2017 Stay Boutique Live, LEADERSHIP Edition

Conference Recaps


Boutique at it's Finest with Tim Alpe, COO, Ovolo Hotels

With the recent explosion of boutique minded businesses on the scene, it can become difficult to define what truly makes a brand or establishment boutique. Tim Aple of Ovolo hotels joined us to relieve some confusion and discuss the trajectory and potential in the sector.


Spotlight on Jeremy Fall, Founder, Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar, Tinfoil & Easy's

A quick google search will tell you all about Jeremy Fall’s history as a restaurateur, event producer, nightclub proprietor, a social media maven and an editor-in-chief. You might also notice he’s managed to make his impact on the hospitality industry at the impressive age of just 27 years… He joined us to provide insights on his success.

The Retail Revolution with David Fishbein, Principal, Runyon Group

Malls centered around shopping are dead, and in their wake, lifestyle centric malls are thriving. David is one of the minds behind Culver City's Platform, Venice's Abbot Kinney and DTLA's Row. He discussed the re-birth of shopping centers and the future of the boutique shopping experience.

Spotlight on Bernard Schwartz, Co-Founder, APICII, Chef Casey Lane & Christian Schultz, Design Director/Partner, Studio Collective

Bernard will share his many collaborations and special projects that take F&B to a whole other level in today's boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotels. APICII is a hospitality company that develops, owns and operates a collection of restaurants, bars, private clubs, event and entertainment venues. The organization bring decades of hospitality experience as owners, operators and developers of successful food, beverage and entertainment venues in United States, Mexico, and The Middle East.

Collaboration Breeds Creativity:20 pm (Especially at Coachella) with Ryan Bukstein, Vice President of Brand, Ace Hotels & Travis A. McMichael III, Head of Brand Marketing U.S, B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen.

Collaboration is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Because of collaboration, you can sync Spotify playlists to your Uber, buy designer labels at your local H&M and even pay your friends back through Snapchat. Avoiding the beaten path often opens the door to markets left untapped by convention. Ryan and Travis have developed two independent lifestyle brands and joined them to create one well-oiled machine. By tapping into the commonality in their respective markets, the pair put on one of the most buzzed about parties at this year’s installment of Coachella Music and Arts Festival. They join us to delve deeper into the possibilities.

Spotlight on John Terzian, Co-Founder, h.wood Group.

John is the mastermind behind some of LA’s most exclusive restaurants and bars. Loved by movers, shakers, and pop culture icons, the Group team are experts at creating personalized experiences for high profile clientele.

Dr. Daniel Langer presents The Future of Luxury.

The comfort zone, while familiar, stifles creative progress. What was novel and innovative yesterday will be passé tomorrow. This holds true for an industry as dynamic as ours. In order to exceed the expectations of your customers in the world of luxury, you must always be one step ahead. Daniel spoke on Innovating Hospitality Beyond The Comfort Zone: Why Good Is Not Good Enough Anymore.


On-Stage Content

Spotlight on Sue Walter, CEO, The Hospital Club

The members-only club loved by creative Londoners is coming to LA! They have everything you could want in a club: amazing food & drinks, working spaces, hotel rooms, a screening room and even a live performance center. Sue discussed why members-only clubs have grown so popular, how a touch of London will do well in Los Angeles and how The Hospital Club provides a boutique experience.

Female Empowerment with Edie Rodriguez, America's Brand Chairman of Ponant Cruises, interviewed by Frances Kiradjian, Founder & CEO, BLLA.

Edie has decades of executive level experience in the world of luxury travel. Her skill in elevating any brand she touches to luxury status is renowned and respected by leaders in all sects of the hospitality world. She discussed her journey, and how being a woman shaped her experiences and current business philosophies.

Spotlight on Colby Barr, Co-Founder, Verve Coffee Roasters

We live in the age of instant gratification, which is great news for caffeine addicts. On every corner, there’s a “bean” or a “bucks” where you can get your fix. But what we’ve gained in convenience we’ve sacrificed in experience. Verve is here to breathe community back into coffee. Involving themselves in every step of the production process, Verve has curated not only a brand but an experience that is personal, ethical and sustainable. Colby Barr joined us to discuss how to curate cool, and the pending boutique coffee boom.

What is Stay Boutique all about?

BLLA and it's divisions are all sorted out as well as where the future of the boutique community 2018 is headed. Hear from BLLA’s COO & Stay Boutique’s Co-Founder, Ariela Kiradjian.


Boutique Candy Shops with Rosie O’Neill, Co-Founder, Sugarfina, interviewed by Ariela Kiradjian, Co-Founder, Stay Boutique.

Spotlight on Hannah Payne, Founder, Luba.

Hannah Payne created Luba, her grandmother’s namesake, in an effort to clothe fashionable women while giving back to her demographic. By recognizing the importance of giving back, Hannah has been able to create a boutique brand fashion that is communal, creative and most importantly, conscious. She joined us to discuss her journey and philanthropic business approach.

Influencer Intensive Workshop with Celine Bossart, Creator, The Staycationers.

A Taste the Style Original Series, The Staycationers is the leading blog for the boutique hotel world. As a top influencer, Celine will give insight into impactful ways to ensure guests have the best boutique experience possible. From personalized welcome letters to funding extracurriculars, this girl knows all the tricks.

Keynote by Bill Walshe, CEO, Viceroy Hotels

BLLA hosted the Stay Boutique Leadership Conference at the UCLA Luskin Center at the top of the month. We joined together leaders from every sector of the hospitality world and beyond to reinvigorate the space and provide stimulus to the next wave of boutique leaders. We were honored to have Mr. Bill Walshe, the CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group, set the tone for the conference by relaying philosophies that ensure an inspired staff and the success of a property.


Collaborations are Golden with Kevin Osterhaus, President, SIXTY Hotels & Riley Eggers, Executive Producer, Pineapple Creative

Riley Eggars and Kevin Osterhaus know a thing or two about collaboration. Riley’s prowess in video production paired with the sleek and sexy backdrop that is the SIXTY Hotel make for the most captivating marketing you’ve probably seen thus far. They joined us to give their take on why unconventional approaches to branding work so well in the world of boutique.

Spotlight on sbe with Sam Nazarian, Founder & CEO, sbe and Daniel del Olmo, CEO, Disruptive Restaurant Group & Umami Burger

The hotel industry is once again going through a cultural transition as it strives to maintain a relevant mirror to modern lifestyle. The flood of new genres and derivative brand labels makes it increasingly challenging to navigate customers your way unless you develop a beacon of distinction. Sam Nazarian’s SBE Group fearlessly explores new hotel, club and dining ideas and with over 50 brands under their halo, this hospitality conglomerate is the cool new powerhouse challenging the established old guard for the modern aware consumer. Sbe’s ability to curate inspired hotel design, groundbreaking dining and white hot bars is exponentially ignited when they link them together in major markets setting the tone for what essentially becomes the art of hospitality entertainment. Sam’s team reads like a who’s who as he has the gift of identifying great talent and celebrating the creative process with keen understanding and verve. Broadening the sbe universe includes inventing, collaborating and participating with cutting edge new ideas as well as several established brands. The recently formed Disruptive Restaurant Group at sbe is under the direction of Dan del Olmo who is spearheading the evolution of new ideas in modern dining. They will be sharing their “ wake up call “ of how lifestyle hospitality today needs to transcend basic service to create an emotional connection with our guests.

The Global Snapshot of the World (by today's most experienced travelers) Gabriel Haigazian, Vice President, Creative Travel Group, Stacy Small, Founder & CEO, Elite Travel International & Nicholas Kontis, Circle the Planet.

Thanks to technology, the world is “smaller” than ever. With the advent of social media, demand for personalized experiences and memories is at an all-time high. Travel facing businesses like airlines and hotels must continually evolve to keep up with this shift. Gabriel, Chad and Stacy are not only travel industry insiders, but are expert travelers themselves. They joined us to talk travel trends, and how to cater to the most worldly of guests.


Boutique Tech Update with Cameron Urban, Founder & CEO, Roxy and Oleg Kaganovich, CEO, Wyndow & Carrie Ell, Advisor, Voyat.

Embracing new technologies is crucial to meeting the expectations of today’s consumer. From mobile solutions to virtual reality marketing programs, it is important to understand what these technological innovations can do for a business, whether it’s a hotel, a restaurant, a bar, retail boutique.

Spotlight on Jonas Tahlin, CEO, Absolut Elyx.

Elyx, inspired by the boutique lifestyle, isn’t your grandfather’s vodka. Jonas and the creatives at Absolut have taken the allure of young Hollywood, coupled it with a philanthropic business model, and married them in one smooth, sophisticated spirit. He joined us to shed more light on how Absolut Elyx is disrupting the status quo.

The Hollywood Phenomenon with Grant King, Managing Partner, Relevant Group.

Hollywood, California. For some a playground, for others, a dream. For the last twenty years, Grant King has played a huge part in developing this iconic city into the powerhouse of productivity it is today. He is known for specializing in building high return, highly branded, one-of-a-kind lifestyle developments. We’re delighted to have him share his expertise.

Spotlight on John Sofio, Founder, Built, Inc.

John Sofio is an award-winning designer known for his “modern organic touch with a soulful design process”. He spends his time transforming spaces into art. One of the most important aspects of providing a boutique experience is the emphasis on design and John dominates design.