For years the hospitality world discounted the longevity behind the shift toward boutique living. What was assumed to be a flash-in-the-pan in this ever-changing industry has proven itself to be one of the driving forces of progress. The BLLA realized the power behind the movement, and in 2016 Stay Boutique was born.

Stay Boutique is the source of movement in the boutique community. Our goal is to help the boutique “trend” to flourish by acting as the catalyst of collaboration between members of this niche sector. Collaboration is what gives boutique its staying power; where most see competition, BLLA sees opportunity.

Drawing upon the knowledge and relationships the BLLA has established since opening its doors nine years ago, Stay Boutique will serve as a resource for boutique thinkers from all parts of the globe. From hotels and restaurants, to fitness studios and retail shops, Stay Boutique is here to propel the boutique community to new heights.

With Love 💋