Interview with Alexandre Soleyman

Alexandre Soleyman
Founder, The Well Traveled Trunk
The Well Traveled Trunk is the passion project and NYC based company founded by Alexandre Soleyman. It follows Soleyman as he transforms the iconic Louis Vuitton luggage trunks into timeless, handmade works of art. Signaling class and wealth for over a century, these functional pieces of history are finding a renewed appreciation from boutique hotel patrons thanks to Soleyman and his impassioned efforts

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What is your story?
Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland I studied hotel & business management in Lausanne. Living in a very sheltered environment, I was determined to experience something different, more dynamic and decided to pack my bags and try New York, pretty much right after graduating from College. I did then work in Corporate for several years until I decided to take a chance and solely focus on a hobby that truly became a passion over the year, vintage traveling trunks.

Where does your passion for vintage Louis Vuitton trunks come from?
I remember entering an antique boutique in south of France as a young kid and recall immediately being drowned by a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk and by everything that such object could evoque to a 10 years old mind… being secrets, treasures, royalties, adventures and of course travels. Almost two decades later I finally had the opportunity to acquire one and never stopped collecting ever since.

Where do you envision your trunks living?
For over 150 years those trunks have accompanied royalties, great explorers and prominent figures to the most prestigious Hotels and Palaces around the globe. Much more than just a large a piece of luggage, trunks seem to have naturally overturned their functionality and are now to be seen in sophisticated living space adding a distinctive and mystical touch to any room. Undeniably linked to the hotel industry and history, their wears and numerous traveling labels tell as much of a story as the photographs that one would take on a journey. Today it’s no surprise to see traveling trunks making a “comeback” in sophisticated boutique hotels but this time to be displayed as a unique and iconic conversation piece, celebrating what was once known as the glamorous and golden age of travel.

As a traveler, do you believe there has been a rise in popularity with boutique hotels?
Absolutely. Trends have shown that today a new generation of world travelers is seeking a more tailored, intimate and unique experience only to be find in human scale and size hotels, offered through its esthetic, atmosphere and ultra-personalized service.

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What is your vision with The Well Traveled Trunk in terms of expansion?
I always believed in the concept of #oldisthenewnew and since that the interest for ‘vintage’ has drastically grown over the years, my idea is simply to continue to share, expend and convey my passion for this legendary object destined to live through for many future generations.

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What is your favorite city to travel to?
Back home to Geneva in the Summer time…

What is your favorite restaurant in New York City?

How do you take your coffee?
Vivalto Lungo (from Nespresso)– black!

What is your favorite fashion trend of the moment?

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