A True Boutique Fashion Story

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Summary of the interview at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Hannah Payne, Founder, Luba


Luba means ‘love’, and that is what’s at the core of Hannah Payne’s ready-to-wear women’s clothing label based in her home state of Colorado. Luba offers high-end, quality-made garments made with fabrics sourced from Korea, France, and Italy. “We create unique things that no one else can,” Hannah states. Just like boutique hotels, smaller companies like Luba can offer things that larger companies cannot. Working with a smaller fashion brand like Luba allows boutique hotels to create unique pieces that can be only sold in their location.


Luba knows the importance of staying true to who you are. Hannah’s business plan has never swayed from her focus on women’s silhouettes and honoring strong women like her grandmother, whom the company is named after. With a focus on giving back to community women’s shelters through their Love Foundation, Luba collaborates with boutique hotels to showcase their fashions at special events, with part of the profits being donated to local shelters. 

By offering women unique fashions that can’t be found in every large department stores, Luba has created their own version of living the boutique lifestyle. They’ve even expressed an interest in collaborating on hotel uniforms for the boutique industry. Check out www.shopluba.com to see just how special this fashion company full of creativity, purpose, and love is.

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