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Summary of the keynote at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Celine Bossart, Creator, The Staycationers

Celine Bossart’s boutique industry blog, The Staycationers, began three years ago after a friend suggested that a travel article she wrote geared to millennials could be something more than a one-shot piece. The Staycationers focuses on promoting boutique hotel travel by sharing with readers what’s cool (or has the potential to become cool) about a hotel and encouraging them to try a visit themselves to see what all the fuss is about. They also love to offer inspiration with tips on how to ‘staycation’ at home by re-creating amazing hotel experiences for yourself.

“We don’t want to be elitist, but we are sticking to our millennial identity,” Celine says about The Staycationers. She encourages the boutique industry to not overlook marketing to your future client or you’ll end up missing the mark with an entire generation of travelers. Celine believes that in order to include the millennial generation in your demographic, boutique hotels must stay true to the ideals of hospitality and the aesthetics of the bar. And not just the bar inside the hotel, but also the mini-bar inside of guest rooms.

“The presentation of the mini-bar says a lot about your attention to detail,” Celine believes. “The whole essence of a boutique hotel is to make people feel like they’re at home.” Offering more than the usual bottles of liquor or beer in a mini-bar refrigerator will make your hotel stand out above the rest. Celine shared one of her most memorable experiences where a hotel mini-bar uniquely featured a locally-inspired specialty cocktail recipe and all the ingredients available for her to whip up her own drink and kick back in the comfort of her very own room. Now, that sounds like an experience that few boutique travelers would ever forget!

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Watch the full spotlight session below!