Collaboration Breeds Creativity (Especially at Coachella)

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Summary of the interview at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Ryan Bukstein, Vice President of Brand, Ace Hotels
Travis Mcmichael, Head of Brand Marketing, U.S., B&O Play

The collaboration between Ace Hotel Group and B&O Play (by Bang & Olufsen) at this year’s Coachella Music Festival may seem like a case of strange bedfellows, but nothing could be further from the truth. Ryan Bukstein (VP of Brand, Ace Hotel Group) and Travis McMichael (B&O Play) shared with the Stay Boutique audience how their unlikely pairing can inspire others to do the same and see what possibilities can be created.

Travis suggests that businesses ask themselves, ‘Where is the most powerful place to congregate my brand?’ “The Ace is a cultural watering hole, a place that is comfortable for meeting strangers,” he says. “That is what brought B&O to the Ace Hotel.” He continues, “Ask yourself, what are you creating together? Is it something people want and find interesting?”

While trends are real within any industry, the brands that base their collaboration on community-driven experiences benefit much more than when they just focus on what they want to sell. Bringing something unique to the combined experience, like doing a pop-up shop within a pop-up shop can mix things up and open your space to a whole group of unexpected consumers.

Ryan explains that “For Ace, it goes back to core principles for events. What is going to make your audience feel you’re adding to a conversation? How do you stand out? Know who you want to connect to and decide how you’re going to do that.” That sounds like solid advice for collaboration within any industry, boutique included.

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