Collaborations are Golden

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Summary of the interview at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Kevin Osterhaus, Ex-President, SIXTY Hotels
Riley Eggers, Executive Producer, Pineapple Creative

When Riley Eggers, Executive Producer at Pineapple Creative, was looking for a space to film a product presentation video for her client, she reached out to SIXTY Hotels with a unique idea for a collaboration. The film would feature an up-and-coming model, Duckie Thot, and showcase the hotel’s sexy, stylish atmosphere as the backdrop. With the professional team at Kloss Films on board to direct, SIXTY Hotels President Kevin Osterhaus thought it was a gamble worth investing in.

“SIXTY Hotels launched over three years ago on a platform of growing and creating a dynamic guest experience’” Kevin says. “And how you portray yourself digitally is significant to our efforts of collaboration.” The biggest benefit of working on the Duckie project was that everyone involved would get to share it on social platforms, making it easier to reach a wider audience. Riley believes, “People want to know the story of your product before they purchase.” Brands used to create two campaigns a year, but now it’s more advantageous to create twenty in smaller chunks. “It gives brands flexibility about what they want to promote,” she says.

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When the video, “SIXTY Seconds of Duckie”, was released, the success was so big that the hotel decided to turn it into a brand video. “From the hotel side,” Kevin says, “the brand video was to create something we could use for our guests, social media, elevators, etc.” They have since released SIXTY Seconds videos for all their hotels, including SIXTY SoHo and SIXTY Miami. 

Because of the rapidly changing way that people are now experiencing hotel brands and bookings, “It’s wildly important that our content reflects innovation and we’ve got to get to people through their networks,” Kevin believes. Things like apps and hand-held applications have made it easy to book at hotels on a whim, therefore, hotels must be strategic about how they want to portray themselves and to which demographic they want to target.