Food & Social Media Go Well Together

Summary of the interview at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Jeremy Fall, Co-Founder, J Fall Group

What do you do when you’re an 11-year old boy and your step-dad tells you that women love men that cook? You follow Jeremy Fall’s lead and learn to cook...and then you grow up to become a restauranteur. Fall’s time spent learning the ins and outs of the restaurant industry from his family’s business parlayed his expansion into nightclub proprietorship and event production throughout Los Angeles. “The melting pot of LA culture and my background has definitely influenced my concepts,” he says.

Fall heard the word ‘exclusivity’ so much growing up in LA because there was such a huge disconnect between celebrities and mere mortals. That’s how it was in the days before Instagram and social media. “The cool kids were going to these pop-up party places, not red-carpet events,” he shares. “When I started working in nightclubs, there was only MySpace and Friendster to let people know what I was doing.”

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Boutique is a new area with a new sector that wants quality experiences. “We sense bullshit right away,” Fall says. “The current 2017 is looking for authenticity and wants to see a story on your (social media) feed that makes them believe you’re real.”

Fall has been passionate about this business his entire life, so he’s constantly thinking up new ideas and concepts. When he was younger he read about the rockers that used to go have breakfast for dinner after their shows on the Sunset strip. That stuck with him and inspired his evening hours restaurant Nighthawk Breakfast Bar. “All of our concepts sparked from something small,” he shares. “We take traditional Americana concepts and modernize it to give a different experience; to tell a story.”

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