The New Hollywood

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Grant King, Managing Partner, The Relevant Group

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Grant King and The Relevant Group’s vision to transform a decrepit Hollywood with a ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy began back in 2007. They knew, however, that they needed to make a splash and do something major to convince people that Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles were the hot places to be. Their focus was on creating a place that you can come to play and never have to leave; a place that has great food, great nightlife, great shopping, and you can stay the night.

With financing dried up in a recessed U.S. economy, Grant went to China to find investors for their product. The product they were selling was sexy Hollywood hotels. The plans had already been approved, so with their investors finally in place, The Relevant Group moved forward with their new Hollywood project called The Dream, which opened in the Summer of 2017. Grant believes that “selecting the right restaurant group, the right F&B group, top gyms, and great stores,” is key to creating a unique hotel experience like The Dream.

The Relevant Group is also currently developing a four-hotel village, connected by arches and given a Hollywood-driven name. It’s meant to bring people in and help rebrand the area. “Hollywood needs to play off what it is,” Grant says, “the entertainment zone. It needs good retail so that people will want to spend the night there and wake up to go shopping.” It's time for Hollywood to grow up and develop into a desirable location so that people will realize it's not a scary place to come and hang out.

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