Absolut’s Journey to the Boutique World

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Summary of the interview at the 2017 Stay Boutique Leadership Conference with
Jonas Tahlin, CEO, Absolut Elyx

What better way to discuss Absolut’s new boutique lifestyle-inspired vodka, Elyx, than over a couple of martinis? Freelance Spirits and Travel Journalist, Celine Bossart did just that when she interviewed Jonas Tahlin, CEO of Absolut, about their new luxury brand vodka and how James Bond had it all wrong.

“The colder the martini, the better,” Jonas advised, “so you want it stirred, not shaken.” However, he did acknowledge, “But the martini shakers are so fun!” Jonas’ passion for vodka was evident in every word he spoke about Absolut’s luxury version, Elyx. With vodka making a resurgence, Jonas saw that people like it to have a flavor so that it can be enjoyed not only as a mixer but also as a sipping cocktail. This is what the leading-edge bartender appreciates about a brand like Elyx.

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As the innovator behind the new liquor, Jonas shared that his inspiration came from a desire to create something unique that could be offered as a luxury experience for consumers in collaboration with the hospitality industry. Celine and Jonas agreed that for boutique hotels they would both love to see the mini-bar evolve into a full bar so that consumers can replicate the drink-mixing experience in the comfort of their hotel room, just like they would do at home.

“What you drink your vodka out of can also give a whole lifestyle experience,” Jonas adds. Absolut Elyx has taken this a step further by re-branding to create a whole lifestyle collaboration with barware, wallpaper, home accessories, and more. Visit elyxboutique.com to learn more and join in the experience of Elyx.