Tony Kurz
Brankmark Collective


the man that brought the fashion world into the boutique hotel world

Tony has carved out a niche in intelligently translating fashion and lifestyle brands into hospitality experiences. With a wealth of deep owner relationships on a global basis, as well as a rather unique access to, and demand from, many brands looking to extend into the hospitality space in one form or another, the idea for Brandmark Collective BV was born. That of a multi-brand hotel company, with one key filter running through each brand – a globally recognizable name with an existing, global customer base.  


Prior to founding Brandmark Collective, Tony was a board member at Hilfiger Hospitality Group, the hospitality venture of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, including serving as Chief Development Officer & CEO. Prior to Hilfiger, Tony served in varying roles at Capital Alliance Partners Ltd., an independent corporate finance advisory and fund management firm based in London. Tony is a New York native, and resides in Amsterdam.